About MCG:

MCG The Gemini a.k.a. Gerard Price  is a Hip Hop / Alternative artist from Nelson, New Zealand. He says: “My music is basically my life’s journey from beginning to where I am now. It’s a mix of life events, views and future goals where I touch base on many issues in our communities. I aim to use my music to relate to others and help them through times of struggle in the same way the music helped me, and to make a difference in our communities.” Read more

Moana and the Tribe

About Moana and the Tribe:

Long acknowledged for having consistently pushed the boundaries of Maori music in both her recordings and live performances, singer/songwriter Moana Maniapoto is a self-confessed political junkie whose lyrics are rooted in the NZ landscape, culture and experience – inspiring her to “produce her own blend of traditional and contemporary styles without compromising either (Graham Reid, music critic).” Read more