June 8


Tapfuma Gerald Munengami

By sonicden

June 8, 2015

Alternative, DJ / Producer, Hip-Hop / Rap, RnB / Soul

About Tapfuma Gerald Munengami:

Well my name’s Tapfuma Gerald Munengami most people refer to me as Storm or Child Ether. I am a writer and a musician hence the aliases. I have been writing and making music since as far back as I can remember – most probably since I was about eight years old.

I have had an interesting life but when my father died, I went silent and was drawn to written words and music to express my emotion. Life has had its ups and downs, but I guess life is a school master and you can’t test a muscle or how much you have grown through time unless you go through the downs and still come up.

I try to make music and write to be positive, honest and sometimes to address truths society would rather sweep under the rug – like fatherless homes and society, racism, and love, I guess. I figure life’s about getting to know yourself because we are constantly changing. There are things I said I would never do that I have done, and when I did a life audit recently I wasn’t where I pictured myself when the dream first started. I take life in my stride and have a sense of humour about it.

I trust Jesus, live my life and try to be the best me I can be and, as I said, keep on discovering myself. I have no intention of being generic in this life time, I try my best not to judge people…. That’s about me, my life – anything else you want to know, just ask…. Stay blessed, Tapfuma.



I also have had the pleasure of making a free soundtrack for a short book. I hope you enjoy.

Tapfuma Gerald Munengami


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