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By sonicden

June 17, 2015

Alternative, Hip-Hop / Rap

About MCG:

MCG The Gemini a.k.a. Gerard Price  is a Hip Hop / Alternative artist from Nelson, New Zealand. He says: “My music is basically my life’s journey from beginning to where I am now. It’s a mix of life events, views and future goals where I touch base on many issues in our communities. I aim to use my music to relate to others and help them through times of struggle in the same way the music helped me, and to make a difference in our communities.”

MCG dropped his 1st single ‘No Limits’ on iTunes in 2013 then created his own label MCG Studios NZ in Feb 2014. He dropped his 1st album ‘MCG The Message’ on October 10th 2014.

“I am currently trying to expand and mix into all different genres so I can grow as an artist, work with anyone and everyone, and spread my message wide and far. Feel free to check out some of my music.” MCG



MCG‘The Message’ 2014

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