The Datsuns

About The Datsuns:

The Datsuns are a hard rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand.

Dolf de Borst has said of their music, “It can be too light for people into heavy metal, and too heavy for people into straight garage – we purposefully make it so it doesn’t fit into one place”.

The Datsuns have won numerous awards including NME’s ‘Best Live Band’ and New Zealand Music Awards for ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Group’ and ‘Breakthrough Artist’.

The Datsuns are:

Dolf de Borst – Ben Cole – Christian Livingstone – Philip Somervell.



The Datsuns‘The Datsuns’ ©2002

‘Outta Sight, Outta Mind’ ©2004

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ ©2006

‘Head Stunts’ ©2008

‘Death Rattle Boogie’ ©2012

‘Deep Sleep’ ©2014

Track listing: Caught In The Silver; Bad Taste; Claw Machine; Shaky Mirrors; 500 Eyes; That’s What You Get; Creature Of The Week; Looking Glass Lies; Sun In My Eyes; Deep Sleep..


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