About Rackets:

Rackets are a stoner-rock band from Auckland.

Rackets (no ‘the’) are two overweight caucasians and a Bulgarian. At one point in their careers they all worked together at the same supermarket. It was rat shit. Coming together over a shared love of the Pixies, Nirvana and Hawaiian shirts, a powerful bond was forged.

‘I (Jeremy) was/am in God Bows To Math and Oscar and Vinnie where in The Randoms. We started a band called We Score Trys. The Randoms broke up and we decided, hey, lets be in a proper band together. We did and it was called Rackets.

We all play different instruments so it’s like who ever writes a riff on any instrument gets to play that instrument. Then the other guys chose what instrument they want to play on the song. We record live with a man called Bob Frisbee.’

Rackets are:

Oscar, Vince and Jeremy.



Rackets‘Rackets’ ©Banished from the Universe

Track listing: Horoshema; Pegasus; Karma Is a Drag; Catherine Zita Jones; Goner; Yesterdays Bread; Staple Guard; A Fish in a Squirrel Suit; Rounds; Stay Away; Fast Cars; Bugs.


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