November 30


Aldous Harding

By sonicden

November 30, 2014

Folk, Goth, Pop

About Aldous Harding:

Aldous Harding (Hanna Claynails Harding) is a singer/songwriter from Lyttelton, New Zealand.

Anika Moa could be credited with discovering Hannah Harding. She was busking on the streets of Geraldine, trying to raise the funds for a ticket to Anika’s show that night, and ended up on stage supporting the headline act.

Think gothic folk.




Aldous Harding ‘Aldous Harding’ ©2014

Track listing: Stop Your Tears; Hunter; Two Bitten Hearts; Titus Groan; Beast; No Peace; Merriweather; Small Bones of Courage; Titus Alone..


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