January 12


Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes

By sonicden

January 12, 2015

Blues, Jazz, RnB / Soul, Swing

About Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes:

Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes have twisted the fabric of musical time and lived to deliver you a curated selection of infectious and original rhythm and blues.

Bandleader and songwriter Sal Valentine is framed by a slick quartet of horns toting heavy licks and a polished rhythm section comprised of piano, double bass and drums. Alongside the instrumentalists stand the foils to Sal Valentine: accomplished vocalists Chelsea Prastiti and Siobhan Grace. 

The Babyshakes are:

Siobhan Grace
Chelsea Prastiti
Elizabeth Stokes
Sir. Benjamin Sinclair
Callum Passells
Graham Stoddard ‘The Grey’
Sir Jonathan Pearce the Great
Cameron McArthur
Cameron Sangster
feat. Adam Tobeck




Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes‘Sal Valentine and the Babyshakes’ ©2013

‘Live at No. 10 South Street – EP’ ©2014



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