October 30


Recliner Rockers

By sonicden

October 30, 2014

Blues, Rockabilly, Roots

About Recliner Rockers:

Blues-Rockabilly-Roots-Rock like you’ve never seen before!

The Recliner Rockers put on a colourful, energetic show that just comes naturally with seriously dynamic guitar playing, crazy spinning double bass acrobatics and balancing act, along with flamboyant drumming. Check out The Recliner Rockers’ dynamic performance and off-the-wall stage antics –  their flair for showmanship truly matches their musical prowess.

The band’s history began in 2005. Back in 2006, at the Whangamata Beach Hop, the venue they played was filled to capacity and people were being turned away from the door. This must-see band has been invited back to Beach Hop every year since.

Firm favourites not only at the Beach Hop, but also on the national Hot Rod and festival circuits. Go along to one of their shows and find out why!

The Recliner Rockers are: Al Lavis – guitar and vocals, Gef Fitzpatrick – electric and upright bass, Julian Davis – drums.


Recliner RockersAlbums

‘Prowling & Howling’ ©Recliner Rockers

‘Prowling & Howling 2’ ©Recliner Rockers

‘Tracks’ ©2014 Recliner Rockers

Track listing: Betty Lou; I Heard it on the Radio; Midnight Train; Ophelia; Lil’ Eva; Cry Baby; Butterfly; Songbirds; Hoochie Coochie; Forgotten World Highway (the Long Road to Tahora); Too Big a Mountain; Plane.


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