November 26


Ekko Park

By sonicden

November 26, 2014


About Ekko Park:

Born in 2010, Ekko Park are best described as “a ship captained by an Irishman and crewed by 3 kiwis” – singer Joe, a born and bred Belfast boy, travelled the globe playing music before settling in NZ, where he teamed up with 3 kiwi fellas. A collaboration of diverse backgrounds forming a unique and explosive offering in the NZ music landscape.

Ekko Park are:

Joe Walsh – Vocals and Guitars
Joel Halstead – Guitars and BV’s
Callum Tong – Bass
Nick Douch – Drums



Ekko Park‘Tomorrow Tomorrow Today’ ©2013

Track listing: Little I’s & Big You’s; Becoming the Enemy; Hollow; Always a Fire; My Crime; Simpatico; Making Waves; Twenty7; Behind the Letter; I Think I Thought I Knew.


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