November 20


World War Four

By sonicden

November 20, 2014


About World War Four:

NZ’s 3 man army. Original, organic and with a devastating message.

World War Four are a bombastic tour-de-force. Original, fierce and uncompromising they deliver a unique brand of guitar driven melodic metal and an exhilarating, sincere and captivating live show. Memorable songs, emotive and deep, weave tales of revenge, rage, despair and angst with no chance of the velocity and animosity getting lost in the translation.

Not content to be pigeonholed, this band probably has more in common with Motorhead, Danzig and Black Label Society than with the new school influence. Dedicated and determined, this is one band you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.


World War Four are:

Paul Martin -Guitars, vocals, knife
Nathan Waters -Bass, b/vs
Rene Harvey – Drums b/vs



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