The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra

By sonicden

January 12, 2015


About The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra:

Started in late 2005, The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra bring “unpretentious, tongue-in-cheek charm (that) meets actual musical talent.”………. “Multiplying the amazing by exponential numbers.”…….. “Damn, they’re good at it.”

Band members are:

Age Pryor, Andy Morley-Hall, Bek Coogan, Carmel Russell, Daniel Yeabsley, Francis Salole, Gemma Gracewood, Megan Hosking, Sam Auger, Stephen Jessup, sometimes Nigel Collins, occasionally Bret McKenzie.



The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra‘I Love You’ EP

‘The Dreaming’ EP

‘A Little Bit Wonderful’ EP

‘The Heartache’ EP



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