November 21


Unknown Mortal Orchestra

By sonicden

November 21, 2014

Alternative, Funk, Psychedelic

About Unknown Mortal Orchestra:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is the project of The Mint Chicks’ Ruban Nielson – now based in Portland, Oregon.

The band has a sound drawing on the freedom of ’60s psychedelia and swampy ’70s funk, with multi-tracked, heavily treated vocals recalling the raw emotion of R&B from any era.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra are: Ruban Nielson, Jacob Portrait, Riley Geare.



Unknown Mortal Orchestra‘Unknown Mortal Orchestra’ ©2011

‘II’ ©2013

Track listing: From the Sun; Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark); So Good at Being in Trouble; One at a Time; The Opposite of Afternoon; No Need for a Leader; Monki; Dawn; Faded in the Morning; Secret Xtians.


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