The Doppelgängers

About The Doppelgangers:

The Doppelgängers (also known as Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgängers) are a three piece psychobilly act from Hamilton, New Zealand. The energetic band is famous for explosive live performances and is now based in London, England. Sociopathic bastards from a planet on the far side of the sun. Some say they play music, the truth is much more sinister…

Band members:

Dick Dynamite – Bass/Vocals
Loz Hawkins – Guitar
Aitor ‘Sleepy’ Gonzales – Drums



The Doppelgangers‘Bad Bad Man’ ©2013

‘Return of the Doppelgängers’ ©2011

‘Psychopaths from Outerspace’ ©2010

‘Be My Abductee’ ©2008



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