Sticky Filth

About Sticky Filth:

Sticky Filth is a hardcore / rock / punk band originally from New Plymouth. Veteran is a term bandied about rather freely these days, almost as much as legendary but if any one band deserves that title in New Zealand it is hardcore punk pioneers Sticky Filth. After all not many bands in New Zealand can claim a continuous existence since 1985.




‘Weep Woman Weep’ ©1988

‘Nektar der Götter’ ©1990

sticky filth‘Archives’ ©2001

‘Fourth Domain’ ©2011

Track listing: Crimson Red and Indigo; The Witch That Got Away; Bruise Easily; Happy Birthday; Jimmy Wheel; Said the Labourer; Jubba Heights; Machete; Light of Day; Overflow; One Flew Over; Beady Beady; Leave in the Morning; Unkind; No Comfort Comes; Hate Remains (Acoustic Version).


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