December 6


Sheep, Dog & Wolf

By sonicden

December 6, 2014


About Sheep, Dog & Wolf:

Daniel McBride, better known under the moniker Sheep, Dog & Wolf, is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and composer based in Wellington, New Zealand.

The music of Sheep, Dog & Wolf is characterised by its often-dense instrumentation, unusual time signatures, McBride’s use of vocal layering and harmonisation, and his ‘bedroom artist’ approach to recording and engineering. Notably, all releases are performed, recorded, and produced entirely by McBride




Sheep, Dog & Wolf‘Ablutophobia EP’ ©2011

‘Egospect’ ©2013

Track listing: Breathe; Glare; Problems/Canvas; Not Aquatic; Fades; Ablutophobia ; Guaranteed Defective; Nothing, Probably; An Incomprehensive Catalogue; Egospect.



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