December 1


Heavy Metal Ninjas

By sonicden

December 1, 2014

Instrumental, Metal, Rock

About Heavy Metal Ninjas:

With gut-wrenching riffs, pounding grooves and light speed guitars, Heavy Metal Ninjas are an instrumental metal band from New Zealand.

Many will recall their jaw-dropping performance of the winning classical composition at 2011’s APRA awards, and the sheer power and spectacle of their live show has to be witnessed first hand.

The band deliver a ferocious guitar onslaught of instrumentals while dressed as ninjas. With a live show that has ninjas with laser beams shooting out of their fingers, this band continues to wow their audiences.

Heavy Metal Ninjas are:

Richie Allan – Lead Guitar. Brandon Reihana – Rhythm Guitar. Keegan Donovan – Bass Guitar. Joe Brownless – Drums.



heavy metal ninjas‘Interstellar Abduction’ ©2013

Track listing: Propulsion, Pt. 1 – Abduction; Propulsion, Pt. 2 – Abduction; Istagey – Abduction; Melodyk; Interstellar Abduction – Interstellar; Constellations; The Sirius Connection – Interstellar; Green Spring; Design.


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