December 1


Dictaphone Blues

By sonicden

December 1, 2014


About Dictaphone Blues:

Fuzzy guitar pop with largely vintage influences but a huge love for the future.

Dictaphone Blues began as a bedroom project for Edward Castelow in 2006. Independent radio found favourites in early singles ‘Spooky Room’ and ‘Taken Aback’ and a live band was rustled up.


Band Members are:

Edward Castelow
Myles Allpress
Matthias Jordan
Barney Chunn



‘On The Down And In’ ©2009

‘Beneath The Crystal Palace’ ©2012

Dictaphone Blues‘Mufti Day’ ©2014

Track listing: Her Heart Breaks Like A Wave; Lance’s Tape; Cryptic Lipstick; Mufti Day; 365 Feat. Emily Edrosa; Prepaid Fare; Well Up; Wink And Watch; Countless Apologies; Fizzy Water; The Great Girlfriend Ignorer.


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