November 28


Connan Mockasin

By sonicden

November 28, 2014


About Connan Mockasin:

Connan Hosford originally started a ‘blues-pop’ band whilst living in Wellington, New Zealand, known as Connan and the Mockasins. The band, which included for a time James Milne of Lawrence Arabia and Reduction Agents fame on bass guitar, had success in Europe and the States.

In 2008, Hosford returned to play New Zealand with a new lineup – becoming a solo act under the name ‘Connan Mockasin’.

Connan Mockasin brings introverted, psychedelic pop translates into an oddly endearing live show that is about both music and his own partiality for performance art.



Connan Mockasin ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ ©2011

‘Caramel’ ©2013

Track listing: Nothing Lasts Forever; Caramel; I’m the Man, That Will Find You; Do I Make You Feel Shy?; Why Are You Crying?; It’s Your Body 1; It’s Your Body 2; It’s Your Body 3; It’s Your Body 4; It’s Your Body 5; I Wanna Roll with You..


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