Medusa Glare

About Medusa Glare:

MEDUSA GLARE are an exciting and powerful new rock outfit formed in Hamilton, New Zealand in 2014.

Combining contemporary sounds with hard hitting, old school rock, Medusa Glare deliver the perfect blend of groove and melody. Catchy hooks, driving rhythms and killer riffs are plentiful in their repertoire of exceptional original music.

Boasting a wealth of live and studio experience between the group’s members, Medusa Glare deliver a tight and powerful sound, befitted by super groups of the 70’s.

Rick’s powerful drum sound and style, combined with Si’s rich, warm, driving guitar tones, Jason’s powerful tenor vocals and Nathan’s driving basslines are reminiscent of a time when Rock n Roll was the undisputed king. While their sound’s roots lie in the golden era of rock, they are very much a band of today.

Band members: Simon Koretz – Guitar, Rick Walker – Drums, Nathan Waters – Bass, Jason Galu – Vocals.


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