November 20



By sonicden

November 20, 2014

Alternative, Instrumental, Rock

Photo above courtesy of Mark Derricutt,

About Hiboux:

Hiboux play wandering musical odysseys which build from spacious soundscape to thunderous crescendo. Moments of post-punk and prog-rock meet classical themes and overdriven alternative rock. The band enjoys writing subtle, powerful, instrumental rock music that could accompany a film, a drive across the desert, a dive through the ocean or a balloon trip over the mountains.

Hiboux is an instrumental post-rock band from Wellington. Band members are:

Lester Litchfield – Guitar
Duncan Nairn – Bass
Declan Bailey – Drums
Bern Stock – Guitar



Hiboux ‘Demo 1′ ©2014

‘Demo 2′ ©2015


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