November 25


Bunnies On Ponies

By sonicden

November 25, 2014


About Bunnies On Ponies:

Bunnies on Ponies, formerly known as Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P or just Samuel Flynn Scott, is Samuel Scott from The Phoenix Foundation’s wonderful other band.

A classic Wellington band taking things to a new level, Bunnies On Ponies also features Tom Callwood on bass and Craig Terris on drums.



‘The Hunt Brings Us Life’ ©2006

‘Straight Answer Machine’ (Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P.) ©2008

Bunnies On Ponies‘Heat Death of the Universe’ ©2014

Track listing: Castle Van Halen; Nothing; Straight Up Jerk; Destination Newtown Park Flats; Baked; Only Thing, Spectrum; Presence At The Mall; Bored Out Of My Brains; Safe In Sound.


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