June 9


Black Alpine

By sonicden

June 9, 2015

Metal, Rock

About Black Alpine:

Black Alpine play old school rock ‘n’ roll. Loud & funky, and with an attitude and stage performance so rarely seen since the classic heavy metal era. Black Alpine is bringing back the balls to the rock scene and taking you along for a wild ride the way the bands used to do it.

With influences from funk, blues, thrash and classic metal, Black Alpine’s stage show is something to experience first hand; Dionize’s gravelly singing and self destructive energy, AK’s thrashing guitar fury, Banjo’s Killer bass lines, and Jimmy’s relentless rocking beats. Complete with theatrics and overall extreme energy every night.

This up and coming rifftastic rock outfit is ready to take the world by storm.



Black AlpineBlack Alpine – Album coming end of 2015.


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