December 16



By sonicden

December 16, 2014

DJ / Producer, Dubstep, Electronic, Experimental Rock, Hip-Hop / Rap, Jazz

About Alphabethead:

Adrift in the sonic cosmos, somewhere between the constellations of Hip Hop, Free Jazz and Experimental Rock exists Alphabethead; a tea-drinking, turntable musician from New Zealand.

For over 10 years, using the techniques of scratching Alphabethead has breathed life into the skeletons of redundant vinyl. He has been described as “a virtuoso of the phonograph turntable” and “an outrageous performer whom you really must see to fully comprehend”.

Once New Zealand’s Champion Turntablist, Alphabethead is now an explorer of sound. His attraction to the turntable as a musical instrument was the endless possibilities that manipulation of sound on vinyl offers. A turntables colour palette is essentially the entire recorded history of music! Previously unheard combinations of sound can be melded together to form new musical landscapes.

Sitar and Theremin can duet with Tibetan Monk chants and a Mingus horn section, all atop a rhythmic backdrop of voodoo drumming and bowed double-bass! Expect to hear wonderfully strange sounds coaxed from the turntable, untried aural unions and mechanized, scatterbrain beats.



Alphabethead‘Electricity’ ©2012

‘Quartz Plumage’ ©2014



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