The Eversons

About The Eversons:

The Eversons is an indie pop band from Wellington, New Zealand. Self-dubbed ‘a guitar group’, vocals are handled by all members and harmony is an integral part of their sound.

The Eversons are: Mark Turner, Tim Shann, Blair Everson, Jacob Moore, Christopher Young.



The Eversons‘The Eversons EP’ ©2011 Lil’ Chief Records

‘Summer Feeling’ ©2012 Lil’ Chief Records

Track listing: Could It Ever Get Better?; Creepy; Going Back To Work; Heading Overseas; Sell It To Me; Kick Him Out; Terminally Lame; So Down; You’re Just a Friend; Marriage; Hot For Me; Why Can’t You Just Be Happy For Me?; Fall Asleep.


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