December 1


The Dastardly Bounder

By sonicden

December 1, 2014

DJ / Producer, Dub, Electronic, Funk, Psychedelic

About The Dastardly Bounder:

The Dastardly Bounder is a cad and a total scallywag! He produces a mixture of chunky dancefloor  tunes and head noddery, eagerly appropriating classic sounds from  rhythm and blues, dub, rock and old school hip hop.

Jamie (aka The Dastardly Bounder) started New Zealand’s seminal dance music festival Entrain in 1993 and was one of the original group that started Splore. Since then he has performed at every Splore, including playing the first song. Jamie also bought us Doc Westie’s Bogan Circus.

The Dastardly Bounder’s music is overflowing at the seams with funktronica. Expect something strange and splendid from the Dastardly Bounder.




The Dastardly Bounder‘He’s a Cad and a Layabout’ ©2013

Track listing: A criminal walks into a bar; A Rum Doo; The Dastardly Bounder and Cut Kiwi – Wesned Eh; Flummery; March forth and ten scones; A Despot and a pickle; Where’s Froggy?


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