Needless Cane

About Needless Cane:

Born of the ashes of a former project, frontman Needless and bassist Ruby went on to create the band Needless Cane. Surviving countless line-up changes with only N. Cane remaining as the constant member (Ruby was not to reunite with the band until mid-2012), the band quickly became the torch bearer for alternative music in its hometown of Timaru. Read more

Black Alpine

About Black Alpine:

Black Alpine play old school rock ‘n’ roll. Loud & funky, and with an attitude and stage performance so rarely seen since the classic heavy metal era. Black Alpine is bringing back the balls to the rock scene and taking you along for a wild ride the way the bands used to do it. Read more


About Tainted:

Tainted make no bones about being one of NZ’s best live metal bands. Equipped with two outstanding albums (The Awakening 2006, Carved and Created 2008) under their belts, Tainted’s commitment and determination and overwhelming musical presence has earned them the title of one of New Zealand’s finest metal acts. Read more

Team Kill

About Team Kill:

After stepping up to the limelight as headline act for last year’s inaugural “Rooster’s Roadshow”, the indomitable TEAM KILL are back, teaming up with Caveman Events to put together an 8 date tour, reinforcing their reputation as the hardest working metal band in the country! Read more