December 16


Strangely Arousing

By sonicden

December 16, 2014

Funk, Reggae, Rock, Roots, Ska

About Strangely Arousing:

Strangely Arousing are a five piece progressive Ska/Reggae band that incorporate an open minded approach to different genres and styles into their music.

Hailing from their hometown of Rotorua, the band is quickly making their way into the New Zealand music scene with their unique sound and epic stage performance.

Strangely Arousing won the Battle of the Bands competition in 2014.

Band members are:

Lukas Wharekura – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Shaun Loper – Bass
Oliver Prendergast – Drums, Cymbals
Forrest Thorp – Trumpet, Keys
Liam Rolfe – Trombone, Backing Vocals



Strangely Arousing‘Extended Play’ ©2014

Track listing: Live to Live; Kupenga ; Lincoln Parks; Special Spice; Flood Warning; Skar.


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