February 25


Otis Mace

By sonicden

February 25, 2015

Alternative, Americana, Blues, Country, Experimental Rock, Folk, Psychobilly, Punk, Rock, Singer-songwriter

About Otis Mace:

Otis Mace is a singer/songwriter/musician. Often a solo artist but sometimes the leader of a band – OMM (Otis Mace Music) – including John Segovia, Daniel Mannetto, Robbie Rolls, plus various other musos from the Auckland indie scene.

Crafty, irreverent, beguiling – Otis Mace presents comic love ballads, pop noir and surreal protest songs. Vivid stories introduce wildly provocative and punchy gems.

He has toured extensively and opened for diverse acts including: Billy Bragg, The Violent Femmes, Screaming Blue Messiahs, and D.O.A.



Otis Mace‘Balaclava’ – EP ©2014
‘Country Tree’ – Album ©2012
‘Two Black Cats’ – EP ©2009
‘Bird In Bush Road’ – Album ©2008
‘Quick’ – Album ©1996
‘Jabber and Hoot’ – Album ©1995,
‘Little Critters’ – EP ©1988
‘Heavy Petting’ – EP ©1986
‘Mecca’ – Single ©1982


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