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About Oslo Brown:

Oslo Brown is a pop trio from Auckland. Individually, they come from a variety of musical backgrounds.

The lead vocalist and ukulele bass player is Charlie. She is a classically trained pianist, and this expertise has loaned itself to her proficiency on the keyboard and bass. Charlie’s musical background has mostly been in orchestras, jazz and concert bands.

The acoustic guitarist, Olivia whose lyrics and melodies so often come from the heart and her life experiences, is also from a classically trained piano background. She has been a member of rock bands in and around Auckland, and, as well, spent over a year in Canada where she sang and played in an acoustic duo. Her ability on the acoustic guitar is intriguing to listen to. Olivia also ‘drives’ the Stomp box, and is a back-up vocalist.

Carl is the lead guitarist and his musical roots lie in the alternative rock genre. He has been in bands of this style as lead guitarist, song and lyric writer. The music from these projects has ranged from soft acoustic pieces to progressive riff driven rock songs and most things in between. Carl has also written music to accompany poetry and rap and enjoys experimenting with finding the right tones and effects no matter what genre.

While individually they come from diverse musical backgrounds, collectively, they are Oslo Brown. The trio whose songs are heartfelt; whose live performances are engaging; and a trio whose harmonies blend beautifully. Their sound is unique. Their harmonies are polished. Their lyrics are heartfelt. Their stage presence is commanding. When you attend one of their live performances, you will indeed understand why their popularity is gaining momentum. These performances are testament to the time and effort they devote to their songs. Join Oslo Brown on their unique musical journey.




oslo brown‘Oslo Brown EP’ ©2014

Track listing: Through the Storm; Why Do You Stray?; Somewhere Along the Way; Superficial.


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