December 2


Orchestra of Spheres

By sonicden

December 2, 2014

Alternative, Electronic, Experimental Rock

About Orchestra of Spheres:


Orchestra of Spheres are:

Baba Rossa – biscuit tin guitar, vocals, sexomouse marimba
Mos Iocos – keyboard, vocals, gamelan
EtonalE – electric bass carillon, vocals
Jemi Hemi Mandala – drums
Tooth – drums




Orchestra of Spheres

‘Nonagonic Now’ ©2010

‘Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music’ ©2013

Track listing: Aby; Electric Company; Numbers; Moro Con; 2,000,000 Years; Kairo; Journey; Jungle Pads; Mind Over Might; Smash Hit#1; Bogan In The Forest.


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