June 15


Needless Cane

By sonicden

June 15, 2015

Alternative, Experimental Rock, Goth, Industrial, Metal, Rock

About Needless Cane:

Born of the ashes of a former project, frontman Needless and bassist Ruby went on to create the band Needless Cane. Surviving countless line-up changes with only N. Cane remaining as the constant member (Ruby was not to reunite with the band until mid-2012), the band quickly became the torch bearer for alternative music in its hometown of Timaru.

Following the reunion with former Omega drummer Emlyn James (The Grem), things took a new turn when Cane hooked up with bassist turned guitarist Morgandrogyny. Together the horrible trio would explore new territory in gothic industrial metal in their new hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

Needless Cane has fulfilled a few goals since living in Wellington, with the release of the band’s latest EP ‘The Sun Did Not Shine’ also the amazing S&M filled surreal tea party music video that was ‘Hemlock Lemonade’ and a couple of tours.

The band has plans to get in the studio to work on their debut album and has hopes to venture outside of New Zealand and spread their Black Plague to international waters.



Needless Cane‘Noir’ (EP) July 2011

‘The Sun Did Not Shine’ (EP) October 2013


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‘It becomes so psychedelic that each viewer can quietly drift in the depths of his imagination, through stabbing guitars and technical sound, followed by a pair of rhythmic bass-drums raptures.Elovite – Sons of Metal

‘This seven track EP brings that heavy, yet melodic sound that conjures up instant dark imagery and blackness, before swiftly bringing a strong industrial sound that finishes off the last three tracks.’ Burned_By_My_Lighter – Music.net.nz

‘Hemlock Lemonade is the main track of the EP, featuring strong melody and a full sound with a powerful and catchy main-riff.’ Vince Clark – ALTearoa

‘Switch tea for absinthe and crazy hats for BDSM, kink and goth and that’s a bit of what you got here, not to mention the girls in nothing but glow in the dark paint.’ ASMITH – Music.net.nz


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