About Mulholland:

Mulholland is the moniker of Auckland-based musician, engineer and composer Jol Mulholland.

His sophomore album Stop And Start Again was completely penned and performed by Jol, except for some extra drum duties which saw Alastair Deverick (boycrush/Lawrence Arabia) step in. When on tour, the Christchurch-native has the helping hand of a full band to flesh out his rich sound.

‘He churns out brilliant pop hooks at an astounding rate, plays guitar and bass like a demon, knows the intricacies of a ridiculous range of synths, has a tasteful easy-going drumming style, a beautiful way with soulful lyrics, a distinctive vocal style, and has turned his production ear to a very long list of New Zealand’s alt-pop scene luminaries.’ Lydia Jenkin, NZ Herald, September 2014.



‘Eugene Told Me You Were Dead’ ©2011

‘Stop and Start Again’ ©2014

Track listing: Perfect Health; She Knows; Sleep Forever; Stop & Start Again; Loneliness For Free; Disappear Into The Day; Lost In The Moment She’d Lost; Cry If You Want To; Early Morning; Before It All Falls Apart; Took A Train.


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