December 2


Die! Die! Die!

By sonicden

December 2, 2014


About Die! Die! Die!:

No rehearsed set of messages, postures or stage antics: cutting to the quick, their songs and live delivery = nothing short of awe-inspiring. Without the aid of gimmicks, hype or pretence, Die! Die! Die! has always aimed aim to appeal to all walks of life without alienating ANYONE!

Reminiscent of the spirit and sounds of Black Flag, Pixies, the Wipers, Wire, and Bailterspace, Die! Die Die!’s unfiltered and powerful stage show has earned them a reputation as one of the most energetic and hardest-working bands around.

Cathartic, direct, indispensable… DIE! DIE! DIE!



Die! Die! Die!‘Die! Die! Die!’ ©2006

‘Promises, Promises’ ©2008

‘Form’ ©2010

‘Harmony’ ©2012

‘S W I M’ ©2014

Track listing: S W I M; Out Of Mind; CRYSTaL; Best; Get Hit; Don’t Try; Angel; She’s Clear; Trigger; Jealousy; Sister; Mirror.


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