Anika Moa

About Anika Moa:

Anika Moa is a singer/songwriter who needs little introduction. Since storming onto the New Zealand music scene with the double-platinum album ‘Thinking Room’, singles such as ‘Youthful’, ‘Good In My Head’, and ‘Falling In Love Again’ became massive hits.

Intensive touring followed in the wake of this success. In addition to Anika’s obvious songwriting skills, her talents are nowhere more apparent than when playing live.




‘Thinking Room’ ©2001

‘Stolen Hill’ ©2005

Anika Moa‘In Swings The Tide’ ©2007

‘Love In Motion’ ©2010

‘Peace of Mind (With Boh Runga and Hollie Smith as AnikaBoh&Hollie)’ ©2013

‘Songs For Bubbas’ ©2013


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