February 18


Alien Weaponry

By sonicden

February 18, 2015


About Alien Weaponry:

ALIEN WEAPONRY is a three piece metal band whose style has been influenced by old school thrash and hardcore.

Members are: Lewis de Jong – Guitar/Vocals; Henry de Jong – Drums; Ethan Trembath – Bass.

AW was formed by brothers Henry and Lewis de Jong, who have been listening to bands like Metallica, Anthrax and Pantera since birth; and started jamming and writing songs before they learnt the alphabet. Current influences include Lamb Of God, Tryvium, Subtract and System of a Down, but the band has developed its own distinctive thrash metal sound, destined to endure into future centuries.

Not content to rely on the shock value of their extreme youth, the group understands the value of professionalism, and works crowds to a frenzy with their tight, thrashy energy and wild stage performances. Their plans for world domination include playing at Wacken in Germany and touring the big international metal festivals. They refuse to play covers, and have enough material to begin recording their first album later this year.



  • Supported Shihad May 2015
  • Supported Devilskin on the last leg of their sell out NZ tour, August 2014
  • Single ‘Cages’ playing on the Axe Attack show on The Rock FM, 2014
  • Headlined the Brutal Beach Tour in Northland, January 2014
  • Regional SmokeFree RockQuest Finalists 3 years running, 2012-2014
  • Winners, SFRQ lyric writers award (Henry and Lewis de Jong) and overall musicianship award (Henry
    de Jong, drummer), 2013


“I was blown away when I heard them” – Paul Martin, AKA The Axe Man
“Hail the new wave of destruction” – Benjamin Pain, fan
“You guys rip the sound wikidly” – James Sheppard, fan
“Holy shiitake mushrooms, these guys are awesome”- Victoria Mitchell, fan
“Death to mediocrity!” – Craig Poll, fan



Alien Weaponry EP – Zego Sessions (4 track demo EP released in 2014)



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