The latest from alt rapper JCK

The latest from alt rapper JCK

‘You’re Not Tupac’ is the latest single and video from alternative rap artist JCK. The fifth single to drop this year from the forthcoming album ‘Land Of The Wrong White Crowd’.

JCK has cleverly avoided drowning in an endless sea of rappers and beat makers by finding his own niche of hybrid music combining elements of Hip Hop, Electronica and Rock. With the aid of a loop pedal JCK plays his live performances on guitar, which has seen his music resonate with a wider audience.

Harnessing the powers of his imagination JCK goes on a journey into alternative realities bringing theatre and entertainment together in his unique music videos which he directs, edits and produces himself.

Check out the vid for ‘You’re Not Tupac’ here:


JCK has steadily been building up momentum with live shows and music video releases in anticipation for his album release in Feb 2016.  If you live in Auckland city you may have seen his posters around town.

The music video reveal gig for ‘You’re Not Tupac’ went down on Thursday night at Auckland’s Ironbar on Karangahape Rd and drew a passionate crowd of Hip-Hop heads, Rock fans and even a handful of Goths.


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